Филиал ООО «Интернэшнл Банкер Сервисез Лимитед» в г. Владивостоке 


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Филиал ООО «Интернэшнл Банкер Сервисез Лимитед» в г. Владивостоке 

Your worldwide supplier of fuel, first-rate services and peace of mind.

At IBS we supply fuel for your vessels all over the world. We take pride in being a reliable business partner and in delivering top quality service day in and day out. From our headquarters in Tokyo and our offices in China and Russia, we reach a broad base of highly professional international clients, who values first-rate services, commitment and experience. Clients who prefer certainty and peace of mind when it comes to fuel deliveries in the right quality, the right quantity, at the right place and time, and to the agreed price.

We offer your company a scope of advisory and consultancy services, including supplying vital information on market updates and bunkering news to improve your company’s decision basis. Furthermore our value-added services include:

  • Market and price guidance, Bunker Management, Hedging and Fixed Price Agreements.
  • Close monitoring of all deliveries performed by IBS.
  • Round-the-clock service: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  • Local expertise through our local partners on site.
  • English-, Japanese-, Russian- and Chinese-speaking staff, always at your service.

We belong to a financially strong, global group of companies in which customer focus, mutual trust and good relations with our business partners are mandatory. Thus our dedicated and diverse management team measures its success by the success of our business partners. Experienced and enthusiastic, our team is constantly willing to help you get the most out of your business. Your success is ours as well.

Environment and safety form an integral part of the way we do business at IBS. Our aim is to balance social and environmental responsibilities with the obvious need to remain a profitable business partner. We focus on reducing our environmental impacts, and we make no decision without considering both the environment and the safe working conditions. Thus we try on a daily basis to improve the standards at every stage of our operations. 

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