Центр Программных разработок Prox Soft 


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Центр Программных разработок Prox Soft 

   Разработка программного обеспечения на заказ.

  Full-service IT project management consulting and development practice, web site design and promotion, product management company. Since 1995, Proxsoft empowers businesses with software implementation, product spin-off’, ecommerce, digital rights management, collaborative business venturing, corporate IT-outsourcing and risk management services. With core expertise in business process automation, company averages 93.7% client retention ratio and is best known for proprietary high-performance and reliability eCommerce, interactive and dynamic content management and authoring, business communication tools and customer relations management systems. Proxsoft is no-nonsense company with reputation of customization guru that has virtually unlimited programming resources, therefore pricing is determined by your appetites, vision, and goals -- Proxsoft ensures uniform pro-forma observance and process-efficiency from the point of “idea” till client’s satisfaction upon release, and long-term dedicated maintenance thereafter.

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