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С2М (S2M) 

S2M is the world's biggest producer of magnetic bearings and pm high speed motors. Maintaining its technological advance with the strength of 30 years experience, and an organisation totally devoted to these two product lines, S2M supplies innovating, tailor-made products for the most demanding industrial applications. Our references are unequalled. S2M is present all over the world. Based in France, close to Paris, S2M is involved in all stages of the production of magnetic bearings and high speed motors. S2M's size allows it to have in-house experts in all the key areas, from design to manufacture and installation/commissioning, which ensures that the company continues to maintain its technological lead. S2M's origins are in aeronautical and space research, with a "start-up" in 1976, inspired by a truly revolutionary innovation : contact-free bearings which function by electromagnetic levitation. Numerous patented developments subsequently broadened the opportunities for industrial applications. Today, S2M's main markets are the gas and energy sectors, together with high-tech industries such as semi-conductors.

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